9 August 2015

Promoting Professionalism, Security, and Branding for Removal Services

We at Best Rate Removals are proud to announce that we’ve just launched a new company uniform. The goal is to demonstrate our commitment to building our company brand as well as taking our professionalism to another level. As we go around London providing removal services to our clients, we want them to recognize our team at a glance. We’ve always upheld professionalism in all of our business operations, and uniforms have been an indispensable part of that. The apparel lets our clients know that each member of the team takes the job seriously. After all, we are in the service industry, and thus, we must look united and enthusiastic to serve our clients. Uniforms also help give peace of mind to our clients by serving as an avenue to familiarity and security. We go to really important locations as we handle both home and office removals and take care of belongings, many of which are highly valuable. Thus, it’s important that customers can quickly recognize who are parts of the team

7 August 2015

Reaching Amsterdam: A Marker of Progress for Our Removals Service

Being a removals service provider, we at Best Rate Removals are all about going places. Our company is based in London so our operations are primarily in and around the said city. However, we have no problems providing our services anywhere around the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales, or within the M25. Recently, we have even gone all the way to Amsterdam. Wait. Amsterdam? Isn’t that in the Kingdom of the Netherlands? Yes, you read that right. In one of our recent moves, we helped a client move from London to Amsterdam. We regard this as a significant step for our company and its operations. That’s why we decided to tackle its implications to the company as a whole in this update.

27 July 2015

Office Removals Made Simple

Statistics released in 2013 showed that London businesses comprised an amazing 17.3 per cent of the total businesses throughout the United Kingdom. With so many different organisations competing within this demographic, it is not uncommon to move properties from time to time. Office removals can be very challenging and third-party services are frequently employed to save both time and money. How can such a transition be completed smoothly?

Basic Packing Tips

Offices will often contain bulky items such as filing cabinets, desks, and computers. These are generally dealt with first, as they can be packed within a vehicle while smaller objects are then placed around them. Professional movers will disassemble certain objects while leaving files within the cabinets intact.

20 July 2015

Why You Should Use a Professional Mover

With the average cost of moving house creeping up year by year, one aspect of relocating that sometimes gets overlooked is the physical process of moving possession from one residence to another. Though many people opt to fly solo and attempt to do all the moving alone, the increasingly sensible option is to hire a professional moving company to do this for you. Here are a handful of reasons why:

1. Professional movers are used to the demands of the job than an average person, making the transition much faster for your family.

2. Boredom is not a factor for professional movers. Though you may enjoy the process for two or three boxes, there will be no drop in commitment for those who are there to complete the job.

16 July 2015

We’re Investing on Improving Our Skills for Better Removal Services

Here at Best Rate Removals, we strive to live up to our name. We do that by providing the best removal services across London as well as Ealing. We love to tell our clients “You are in safe hands with us,” but we know words are not enough as we should back it up with quality service. We are confident that we have done that well enough through our many years of experience in this industry, and we’d like to continue being the premier choice for your moving needs. To that end, we make it a point that all members of the team can deliver the superior quality of service that our clients expect from us. The company is currently investing on a comprehensive internal training scheme to raise our overall skill levels to even higher standards. This will teach our staff the exact precautions and steps in handling special items. The improved level of skill will reduce errors, improve job completion times, and result in higher levels of client satisfaction.

14 July 2015

Moving Somewhere New? Rely on London Removals and Storage Services!

More often than not, people encounter a lot of problems and stress while moving to a new home or office in London. The lack of storage, difficulty in transportation, and inadequate packing materials are the common issues that they usually have during a relocation. Therefore, if you want to steer clear of such headaches, plan your house or office move well in advance. In fact, it is a good idea to work with house moving experts and take advantage of high-quality removal and storage services in London. Professionals will make your relocation process easy, comfortable, and stress-free. Most importantly, you will save a lot of time.  Benefits of Using Professional Moving Services Established companies that provide removals in London have years of experience. These removal pros have boxes, supplies, and handling equipment that are required for packing, unpacking, and transporting items in an effective and safe way.

13 July 2015

London Removal Services and Other Things of Concern during Moving Day

"You’ve made sure to finish up your moving plans early; however, moving day can still seem to approach so fast. Last thing you knew, you were thinking that the move is still a month away. Next thing you know, that month has gone past. Now, the question is, will you be prepared on that day? Everything Clear with the Removal Services? One of the things that will help you be absolutely prepared come the moving day is making sure you and the London removal services you hired are on the same page. It’s not only the pricing that you have to be clear on. Make sure you agree on the arrival time and all the details of the move. Professional removal companies, such as Best Rate Removals, arrive on time or even earlier so you won’t have to worry."

11 July 2015

London Removals Services: Factors that Affect the Pricing of Companies

Moving to a new house can be a pretty exciting event in one’s life. Maybe you finally got a home in the neighbourhood you’ve been wanting for a long time or maybe you were able to purchase a bigger, more comfortable property. In any case, there are tasks that need to be done and one of the most straining endeavour is moving your belongings from your old place to the new one. Well, you’ve probably heard of the advantages of hiring a London removals company to take care of that for you—and you decided to do so. The concern now is how much it would cost.

9 July 2015

London, a City on the Move

"Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?" Carole King wondered in “So Far Away”. Not in London, it seems. As well as migration to or from of the capital, there is plenty of movement between and within the boroughs.

3 July 2015

London Removal Services Help You Handle Potential Moving Problems

When it's time to move to a new place, you often won't go there empty-handed. After all, people will have accumulated a lot of belongings in their old home, and many of them will want to bring all of them along in the best condition. This is where experienced London removal services can help. There are a lot of problems involved with moving and some assistance can ensure that things turn out well.

1 July 2015

Moving Blues: Long-Distance Removals from London Require Expert Help

When it’s time to say goodbye to your London flat, you may end up having a lot on your hands. This is especially so if you’re going a long distance outside of the city, and removals from London homes to dwellings in Scotland, Wales or even to the EU can be long and complicated. If you’re staying in the country, preparations for your move should be started a month or so before the date, while international relocations may need two to three months of preparation.

23 June 2015

Choosing the Best Removal Services in London

Are you looking forward to relocate and wondering how you will get the best removal services in London? There are several factors that you will need to consider before hiring any specialist company to help you move.

10 June 2015

Reliable Removal Services Deter Moving Problems

When you’re committed to moving into a new place, it’s often a chance to start over. For such a journey, you’ll need all your precious belongings packed and moved safely. This is where experienced London removal services come in. Unfortunately, there are some moving problems that can crop up, so the services of a dependable removal company can be invaluable.
Lack of Space
When you're hauling everything out of your old home, one of your main issues is going to be how to transport your belongings. The usual method is to bundle all of them up in a car and hope it can handle the load. For those without cars, however, renting out a moving van is often their only option.

20 May 2015

Tips for Long Distance Removals in London

Moving far away to the other side of the country can be very stressful. You are moving an entire house’s worth of personal stuff and emotional effects, after all. Therefore, you can’t just leave everything up to chance and guesswork. You need to prepare for the move the right way to make the process go smoothly. Here are some helpful advice for long distance removals in London.
Pack Only What You Need
You’ll have to sort through all your belongings and decide what you need to take with you and what you can leave behind to sell or give away. There are things you still need, and some you don’t. Now is your chance to get rid of the clutter in your life because you are starting afresh in a new home. Once that’s done, you can start packing the things you need in boxes. Use packing supplies to secure them inside boxes and seal them carefully to protect the contents during the move.

14 May 2015

Does Moving House Need to Be Stressful?

A research study found that an average Briton is likely to move house at least five times in his lifetime, and for every move, he finds himself facing the numerous stresses associated with moving home. In fact, the same poll revealed that about two in three Britons considered moving home at the top of their stress list, higher than any other typical emotional ordeal they would have undergone (such as divorce).

When asked which moments or stages of the move caused the greatest stress for them, respondents cited misplacing possessions and realising that some furniture don’t fit inside the new house as the top two. Meanwhile, a quarter of those surveyed admitted leaving their possessions untouched for weeks before they were able to unpack all the boxes.

11 May 2015

When to Throw Your Old Clothes Out

Packing and moving can be a really big job, but there’s no need to be intimidated. Now may be the best time to take charge of your closet and throw out those clothes that no longer give you pleasure or add value to your life. If you give it away as you prepare to pack, you don’t have to pack it, move it or unpack it in your new home.

There’s help available to assist you with deciding when it’s time to permanently disown an item of clothing. Here’s a checklist to help you get through the trauma of letting go of old clothing.
Get rid of items that:

1 May 2015

Trusted Removal Services in London Help Office Transitions Go Smoothly

In many cases, there comes a point in time when a company would need to relocate their office; and while this is an exciting event, it can be very stressful for everyone, as well. The key to making the move go as smoothly as possible is to plan ahead. This includes studying the new site, securing any required permits, measuring and planning the new space, and coordinating the move. Research must be done on the new location, and logistics must considered, including ease of access for employees and/or customers. Moving from one place to another would mean gathering up all existing office furniture, fixtures, and office materials, as well as the staff’s personal belongings. This will require a lot of time, the right packing materials, and the collective effort of all employees, which, in many cases, necessitate some downtime.

Efficient London Removals Can Help You Help Your Kids Cope with Moving

While adults seem to have a better appreciation of a house move, children usually aren’t in the same boat. Telling kids about the address change is considered the hardest part of moving, and for good reason—kids and adolescents rarely cherish a change of such magnitude. Fortunately, there is a way to help the young ones cope with a big move: your attitude about the transition can help influence their psyche. Discuss the move openly – Moving is a big decision to make, whether you’re simply moving to another part of town or to another city. To get kids into the curve, simply explain to them why you are moving. It will help for them to understand the reasons behind everything—be it a job transfer, or the need to move to a bigger house or a better neighbourhood.

30 April 2015

Removal Services in London Will Take Care of Your Very Fragile Items

Nearly everyone who has ever committed to a full relocation will have had some boxes packed with numerous valuables and let a removal team take them off of their hands. In some cases, the person could be adamant about making sure the shipment arrives with nary a scratch on any piece. Katherine Martinelli of the women’s website She Knows says there are a number of ways that your precious cargo will make the trip safe and sound. London’s traffic situation already poses problems with fragile materials transport, especially when it comes to negotiating tough streets. Whether it’s settling into a new place across town or even out in the country, there’s no telling what can happen to your valuables if not stowed properly. That’s a problem that removal services in London like Best Rate Removals are ready to solve with you.

Removals from London to Scotland: Getting Ready for the Sensible Move

People may consider starting a new life up in Scotland. If you are one of them, you’d certainly need expert removal crews to aid you in the transition. A BBC Homes article underlines the various nuances of wrapping up affairs, especially if you’ve only lived in one place all your life. The outcome of last year’s independence referendum benefitted Britons who wanted to keep up their historical and economic ties, especially Londoners fond of the countryside. A top Scottish government study said there were in-migrants from other parts of the U.K. who were enticed to live in Scotland to be in better touch with their friends. When you are considering a full transfer, a company that does removals from London, like Best Rate Removals, is your best pick for the job.

11 April 2015

Pro Removal Services Help Office Moves Go Smoothly

Transferring an entire office to another locale can be more tiring than a home move. Moving from one place to another would mean gathering up all existing office furniture, fixtures, and office materials, as well as the staff’s personal belongings. This will require a lot of time, the right packing materials, and the collective effort of all employees, which, in many cases, can lead to considerable downtime. By carefully planning the move and hiring reliable removal services in London, you can make sure that the move will go smoothly, and be completed as early as possible.

6 April 2015

Avoiding these Common Moving Mistakes

Moving out of a home can be stressful, especially those who are doing it alone. With the help of a removals company, however, it does not have to be all that tiresome. Heed these simple tips to ensure a hassle-free move, and take note of the most common mistakes committed:

Not Making a List and Checking it Twice

When you have too much on your mind, especially because you will have to uproot yourself from home in a few days, it’s easy to miss out on important tasks. Ideally, you should keep things organized by making a list of which items can be packed away in the luggage or in boxes, and which fixtures can be dismantled or would need to be shipped as a whole.

24 February 2015

Fragile Items Need Extra Care When Moving

When you’re moving, you’ll need the help of professional removal services to ensure your possessions are safe. They can assist in practically anything that has to do with removals, including identifying the right packaging materials.

Boxes are, by and large, the most practical option for storing your precious cargo, but even the transport method will help dictate the size you will need. Consultations with your preferred removal crew will aid immensely in choosing the right boxes and support materials, which they should have at their own in-house supply store.

17 February 2015

Packing Light for a Big Move

London to Glasgow is a journey of more than 640 kilometres, taking around 6.5 hours at best via M6. Beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh are fewer roads connecting the remote towns of the north like Inverness, Elgin, and Thurso. Scotland can be a good place to settle in, despite the long, tiring haul.

As distance is a factor in calculating the total cost of moving, you may want to pack as light as you could. Bring the essentials, and sell or donate the rest several weeks prior to moving. You can even use the profit as your moving money. You can't shorten the distance, but you can make the move easier with a lighter inventory.

9 February 2015

Tips for a Seamless Change to the Countryside

Leaving London for a new home on the countryside signifies an exciting new beginning for you and your family, but transporting your belongings can make it a less pleasant experience. You have to consider the possibility of furniture damage, loss of valuables, or overcrowding in your new house, among other things. To lessen the stress, have a reliable home removal service in London aid you in the undertaking, and be sure to keep the tips below in mind:

5 February 2015

London Removal Services: Moving to Your New Home Minus the Hassle

Moving is a complicated undertaking. Doing it on your own isn’t a wise idea at all, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Not only will you be fatigued after all the packing, loading, and the long drive; there’s also the risk of your belongings getting damaged. Plus, you have to consider the high cost of fuel that comes with moving large items. You may opt to hire reliable home and office removals in London, instead. In doing this, however, resist the temptation to go for the cheapest rate. Read client testimonials, check if the company is insured and know the coverage of that insurance.

4 February 2015

Let London Removals Pros Care for Your Things as You Care for Your Dog

Moving into a new environment can have its stressful moments for everyone, pet dogs included. While a reliable London removals takes care of the major issues, you can focus on making the transfer easier for your canine companion. Your dog can sense what you’re feeling If you’re feeling anxious, chances are, your dog knows it. Dogs are in tune to their owner’s feelings and can pick up your mood. Stay calm. They will relax once they see that you are too. If you can leave your dog at a friend’s or relative’s house while the removal van from efficient removal companies such as Best Rate Removals is being loaded up, so much the better.

18 January 2015

"Schengen" Your Way Into Europe

Crossing to Belgium from the Netherlands and back is simple. Just walk right in.

Although the two countries differ in policy, they agree on a free flow of migrants between them. No passport required and no border security to hold you. In fact, both countries allow EU and non-EU citizens to cross the border without delay (given that they have the legal paperwork). This part of the EU is known as the Schengen Area.

10 January 2015

Let London Removal Services Do the Lifting for a Stress-free Move

Proper timing is critical to avoid delays and business down time. If the company is historically less busy during a particular month or year, schedule your move to coincide with it. Planning a move over a long weekend can be beneficial since your move consumed four days for the price of two. The benefit of the business getting back on track sooner could outweigh this cost of the overtime you paid. Get professional help If you run a small establishment, it’s definitely tempting to do all the moving yourself to preserve funds. Given the pace at which professional movers like Best Rate Removals work, the investment will be well worth it since your staff can remain focus on their assigned tasks without having to think about packing and unpacking office property. Whether it’s removals in Ealing or in Scotland, they have everything covered.

8 January 2015

A London Removals Company Let You Concentrate on the Sentimental Side

Your London removals company advises you to make sure that your memberships in any local health clubs, associations, and organisations are cancelled or transferred to a chapter in your new city or town. Enquire about any termination fees that may be charged. Lastly, ask your children’s schools for photocopies of your kids’ academic records; you’ll need them if you’re going to start your children fresh in a new school. Raid the Kitchen Be sure to start consuming any frozen goods in your refrigerator about a month before the move to avoid wastage. If you have unopened food close to expiring, you want may want to donate or give them away to neighbours or local charities.

1 January 2015

How to Achieve a Stress-free Move

The work required when re-locating a business can be overwhelming if done without adequate planning. From sorting to packing, you are in deep trouble if some of those important documents and equipment are suddenly misplaced or damaged. It makes perfect sense to hire removal services to lighten the load.