11 May 2015

When to Throw Your Old Clothes Out

Packing and moving can be a really big job, but there’s no need to be intimidated. Now may be the best time to take charge of your closet and throw out those clothes that no longer give you pleasure or add value to your life. If you give it away as you prepare to pack, you don’t have to pack it, move it or unpack it in your new home.

There’s help available to assist you with deciding when it’s time to permanently disown an item of clothing. Here’s a checklist to help you get through the trauma of letting go of old clothing.
Get rid of items that:

  • Do not fit
  • Are stained
  • Have an odd smell
  • Need repair beyond what they are worth
  • Are stretched out of shape
  • Carry bad memories
  • You would not buy today

A rule of thumb that organised people often use is to test if you have worn the item in the last specified range of time. Some use a rather protracted six-month guideline, though it might be a little restricting as it does not take seasonal needs into consideration. Others use a more realistic two-year reference. Within that period of time, if you have gone through at least two seasons and not worn the clothing, you will most likely never wear it.


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