17 February 2015

Packing Light for a Big Move

London to Glasgow is a journey of more than 640 kilometres, taking around 6.5 hours at best via M6. Beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh are fewer roads connecting the remote towns of the north like Inverness, Elgin, and Thurso. Scotland can be a good place to settle in, despite the long, tiring haul.

As distance is a factor in calculating the total cost of moving, you may want to pack as light as you could. Bring the essentials, and sell or donate the rest several weeks prior to moving. You can even use the profit as your moving money. You can't shorten the distance, but you can make the move easier with a lighter inventory.

You'll be surprised at how most of the essential items in a move are relatively small. Aside from the beds, clothes, and appliances, here's a list of other needed items you may want to take with you.

  • For the bathroom, bring the plunger, shower curtain, and bathroom mats
  • For the bedroom, take the hangers, lamp, and mirror
  • For the kitchen, be sure to have a bottle and can opener, some cutlery, and oven mitts handy
  • For the laundry, bring detergent, ironing board and flat iron, and baskets
  • A toolbox containing a hammer, screw drivers, and enough nails and screws
  • Battery-operated devices like radios and flashlights
  • A fire extinguisher (because fire chooses no home)
  • Cleaning agents, cleaning tools, and buckets in case the previous owner didn't clean as he went

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