20 May 2015

Tips for Long Distance Removals in London

Moving far away to the other side of the country can be very stressful. You are moving an entire house’s worth of personal stuff and emotional effects, after all. Therefore, you can’t just leave everything up to chance and guesswork. You need to prepare for the move the right way to make the process go smoothly. Here are some helpful advice for long distance removals in London.
Pack Only What You Need
You’ll have to sort through all your belongings and decide what you need to take with you and what you can leave behind to sell or give away. There are things you still need, and some you don’t. Now is your chance to get rid of the clutter in your life because you are starting afresh in a new home. Once that’s done, you can start packing the things you need in boxes. Use packing supplies to secure them inside boxes and seal them carefully to protect the contents during the move.

14 May 2015

Does Moving House Need to Be Stressful?

A research study found that an average Briton is likely to move house at least five times in his lifetime, and for every move, he finds himself facing the numerous stresses associated with moving home. In fact, the same poll revealed that about two in three Britons considered moving home at the top of their stress list, higher than any other typical emotional ordeal they would have undergone (such as divorce).

When asked which moments or stages of the move caused the greatest stress for them, respondents cited misplacing possessions and realising that some furniture don’t fit inside the new house as the top two. Meanwhile, a quarter of those surveyed admitted leaving their possessions untouched for weeks before they were able to unpack all the boxes.

11 May 2015

When to Throw Your Old Clothes Out

Packing and moving can be a really big job, but there’s no need to be intimidated. Now may be the best time to take charge of your closet and throw out those clothes that no longer give you pleasure or add value to your life. If you give it away as you prepare to pack, you don’t have to pack it, move it or unpack it in your new home.

There’s help available to assist you with deciding when it’s time to permanently disown an item of clothing. Here’s a checklist to help you get through the trauma of letting go of old clothing.
Get rid of items that:

1 May 2015

Trusted Removal Services in London Help Office Transitions Go Smoothly

In many cases, there comes a point in time when a company would need to relocate their office; and while this is an exciting event, it can be very stressful for everyone, as well. The key to making the move go as smoothly as possible is to plan ahead. This includes studying the new site, securing any required permits, measuring and planning the new space, and coordinating the move. Research must be done on the new location, and logistics must considered, including ease of access for employees and/or customers. Moving from one place to another would mean gathering up all existing office furniture, fixtures, and office materials, as well as the staff’s personal belongings. This will require a lot of time, the right packing materials, and the collective effort of all employees, which, in many cases, necessitate some downtime.

Efficient London Removals Can Help You Help Your Kids Cope with Moving

While adults seem to have a better appreciation of a house move, children usually aren’t in the same boat. Telling kids about the address change is considered the hardest part of moving, and for good reason—kids and adolescents rarely cherish a change of such magnitude. Fortunately, there is a way to help the young ones cope with a big move: your attitude about the transition can help influence their psyche. Discuss the move openly – Moving is a big decision to make, whether you’re simply moving to another part of town or to another city. To get kids into the curve, simply explain to them why you are moving. It will help for them to understand the reasons behind everything—be it a job transfer, or the need to move to a bigger house or a better neighbourhood.