9 July 2015

London, a City on the Move

"Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?" Carole King wondered in “So Far Away”. Not in London, it seems. As well as migration to or from of the capital, there is plenty of movement between and within the boroughs.

The Office of National Statistics has found that people are more likely to move in their twenties, when many relocate to attend higher education or find jobs, as well as their thirties, a period at which earnings tend to increase and many make the decision to start their families.

Seeking, or moving closer to, work is one of the most common reasons for moving. Other changes in circumstances include moving in with a partner (or breaking up with them) and having children.

As for businesses, many tend to expand (requiring larger premises) or take more of their transactions online (allowing them to move to smaller, more remote areas).

While younger people, with fewer possessions, often enlist the help of friends and family for the move, it is best to call in a professional removal firm for house and office moves. A specialist company will take care of everything from packing your items at one end to unpacking them at the other, all in their right places.

For businesses, this means less working time will be lost. For house moves, using the services of a professional removal firm takes away a great deal of the stress associated with relocations. Precious possessions remain intact, and so do relationships with loved ones.

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