15 November 2014

Moving Day: Tips on Getting Your Stuff Packed

Moving to a new home can be intimidating with all of the things that you have to do. Getting everything packed properly will ensure that moving will be an easy task and also ensure that your belongings will be safe. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

  • Prepare early. Being prepared will make things a lot easier. This means you should have calculated how many boxes you’ll need and what things will be packed. Have a priority list of what you need to pack is important to make sure that the important items won’t get left behind.
  • Pack properly. This means that the stuff you put into boxes must have sufficient padding to ensure they won’t get broken during the trip. Additionally, the boxes you use should be tough enough to handle the load you’ll be putting into them – you don’t want them to suddenly fail mid-move, dumping your belongings on the street. Moreover, once you’ve packed everything in, you’ll need to seal the boxes well with adhesive tape so nothing spills out.
  • Be organised. It would ruin all of your planning and packing if you arrive at your new home with a complete mess in your hands. Label the boxes clearly on what’s supposed to be in them and where they’re supposed to go. Mark the top and bottom, too, so your movers don’t flip something over. Fragile objects should also be properly labelled.

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