9 February 2015

Tips for a Seamless Change to the Countryside

Leaving London for a new home on the countryside signifies an exciting new beginning for you and your family, but transporting your belongings can make it a less pleasant experience. You have to consider the possibility of furniture damage, loss of valuables, or overcrowding in your new house, among other things. To lessen the stress, have a reliable home removal service in London aid you in the undertaking, and be sure to keep the tips below in mind:

What to keep and dispose
Your new home may not be as large as your old one, and you may be doing away with old appliances and furniture in favour of new items. Determine which ones you can dispose of to lessen the load in the mover’s lorry. A garage sale or donating your surplus items to relatives, friends, or charity may work. Valuables, such as jewellery, important documents, collectibles, and gadgets should be with you in a separate private vehicle.

The Fit-In
Some preferred removal crews will be able to strip down and rebuild your cabinets for you, but you may encounter some design challenges when you reach your new home. To avoid such hassles, acquire a copy of your new home’s blueprints and plot in advance where each furniture piece should go. Do not leave furniture outside, and expose them to weather damage.

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