30 November 2014

Before You Leave: Some Things to Remember

Moving into another place can be very stressful, especially when you’re beginning to pack your things. Before worrying about what you would face in a new place, however, keep these things in mind while you’re gradually preparing for the big move.

First, and most importantly, don’t forget to notify everyone—the bank, your local council, and especially your family—that you’re moving, and specify the exact address. This way, they will know where exactly to send your statements or bills, which are documents for your eyes only. If you have kids, notify the school, both the old and the one your kid will move into, and specify when he could start.

It’s preferable to begin packing the non-essential items, e.g. your chinaware and the like, in advance to reduce the stress of packing everything on the eve of your move. Ensure that you have booked a company rendering removal services on the day itself, and, while packing, you can determine which things would come with you and which should go.

Most of all, don’t leave food in the fridge. If possible, eat everything that’s left in the fridge days before you move. It is also essential to defrost the fridge and give it a proper clean-up before you go. Of course, it’s important for you to never look back at anything bad or dreary that you may be leaving behind, and anticipate new things in your new place.

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